Tips to Improve the Cruise Cabin Experience

The experience of traveling on a cruise is an exciting way to see the world, and your cabin provides your personal comfort during the journey. Cruise cabins have some special features that are different from other hotels, and by knowing some special tips you can make your stay even more wonderful. Here’s a comprehensive guide that includes more than 20 of the most important things you should know about to enhance your cruise cabin experience, whether you’re visiting for a day or a week-long trip.

Choosing the Right Cabin

Duration & Cabin Type

Your cabin choice may change depending on the duration of the cruise. If the cruise is short, say 3 to 5 days, then you may not need to get a cabin without a balcony as you will spend most of the time exploring the amenities of the ship. But, when it comes to a week long journey, the extra expense of a balcony or suite is worth it. It gives you the opportunity to pass the time in peace, recuperate or simply relax, and also provides the privacy and comfort necessary for long-term stays.

Ideal Deck Location

Choosing cabins on upper decks can be a smart decision. This allows you to be conveniently positioned between the main areas of the ship such as casinos, shops and dining, while still having access to the peaceful atmosphere of the pool and outdoor decks. By selecting such cabins, you can easily reach the popular parts of the ship without having to wait for elevators.

Bed Configurations

If you are a couple then a big bed would be ideal, and if you are friends then you would choose separate beds. You can specify your bed settings during online check-in or even after you reach the cabin on arrival. Cruise ship cabins have flexible bed arrangements for your comfort.

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Tips for Enjoying Your Cabin

Air Circulation & Odors

Interior or oceanview cabins may smell foul at times, so be careful whenever you enter the cabin. You can get fresh air in balcony cabins or suites but also remember that opening the balcony door suddenly can create a wind tunnel effect.

Drying Wet Clothes

It may be tempting to dry wet clothes on the balcony but this is against the rules and you may even lose the clothes. In the bathroom, use a clothesline or magnetic hooks so that you can dry your clothes safely.

Hallway Noise Reduction

To avoid the sound of people spending the night, go to the cabin at the end of the hallway. Less traffic means more peace.

Onboard Courtesies

Also take care of the cabin neighbors staying on the ship. Making loud noise can hurt others, so keep your voice low and slow.

Securing Valuables

Your valuables like passport or electronics should always be kept in the cabin safe. This is a simple step which will keep you tension free while going out.

Enhancing Your Cabin Experience

Utilize Storage Efficiently

Use space wisely to enhance the experience of your cabin. Take advantage of every little space – after unpacking the suitcase, the space becomes clear and looks clean.

Smoke-Free Environment

Smoking is strictly prohibited in cruise cabins and balconies. Heavy fine can be imposed for breaking this rule. There is a separate area on the ship for Dhoomrapan.

Private, But Not Invisible

Cruise ship balconies are romantic and private, but complete privacy cannot be guaranteed. There is a divider between the balconies in which there can be a gap, so be careful.

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“Guarantee” Cabin Options

You can save money by choosing the ‘guarantee’ cabin option at the time of booking. You choose the cabin type and the cruise line location, which is often a surprise.

Scouting Bathrooms

To reduce crowding in the cabin and at times of need, there is a separate bathroom on the ship that provides privacy and convenience.

Compact Shower Solutions

Cruise ship showers may be small but adjustable shower heads ensure comfort. There is no need to bring a hair dryer from home – cabins often have a mini-fridge nearby.

Room Attendant Tips

Cabin stewards are there to help you. Keep an eye on what is left in the cabin during your service time so that no embarrassing situation occurs.

Carry Essential Gear

Consider packing a few essential items to increase comfort – items like universal outlet adapters, a small fan, a night light, and door markers can make a difference.


Cruise cabins feature coziness and intelligent use of space, but keeping in mind these tips and tricks can make your stay even better. Remember, your cabin is not just a room but your home on the high seas, so put some effort into making it as comfortable as possible.

If you have any cabin tips that have not been covered here, please share your thoughts in the comments so that it can help other cruisers. Don’t forget to like and subscribe for tips and additional content for a better cruising experience. Happy sailing!

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