Use the Internet at No Extra Cost on The Cruise

In today’s time, connectivity has become an important part, and many people want to remain online even during traveling or holidays. Luckily, most cruise lines have now started offering much cheaper data and high-speed internet connections even on the low seas. In this detailed guide, I will walk you through all the important information you need to know about staying connected at sea and along the way, give you some tips that will help you avoid spending a lot of money while using your phone on a cruise.

Types of Connections at Sea: Cellular and Wi-Fi

Cellular Connection at Sea

Smartphones currently provide two main types of connections. The first is the cellular connection, which connects you to your provider’s national network for calls and internet. But as you travel and your ship enters the open ocean, traditional mobile networks do not have access to your phone.

Some ships are provided with satellite connections which create a cellular network called “Cellular at Sea”. If roaming is activated on your phone, this will work exactly as it would if you were using it, but be careful, this feature can cost you expensive money, sometimes it can cost you up to a few dollars a day if you Don’t keep an eye on your settings.

Wi-Fi Connection on Cruise Ships

Your second option is to connect to the ship’s Wi-Fi network. So you can use the cruise line’s app to check schedules, make meal reservations, etc. without any extra charges. For regular internet needs, such as browsing or using social media and apps, a basic internet package is usually required.

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Roaming and Connectivity Tips

When you are traveling abroad, especially if your trip includes cruising, it is important to manage your mobile roaming so as to avoid unnecessary expenses. When roaming is activated your phone will be able to connect to “Cellular at Sea” by default.

Here are some important tips to control connectivity costs:

  • Use airplane  mode to block cellular connections and avoid roaming charges.
  • Keep Wi-Fi on while in airplane mode so you can connect to the plane’s network.
  • Understand the settings of your phone’s network connections and know how to switch between them.
  • Wi-Fi Access and Internet Packages
  • Modern cruise lines provide Wi-Fi access throughout most parts of the ship, including cabins, although signal strength may vary. Currently, cruise companies are incorporating
  • SpaceX’s Starlink service, which promises fast and reliable internet.

Wi-Fi Access and Internet Packages

Buy internet access at low cost before your cruise starts.

  • If you haven’t already purchased, you can sign up for internet packages through the ship’s network or with the help of on-board staff.
  • Use the Hotspot feature (on eligible devices) to share your connection.
  • Tattiya Yatra and Mobile Network Access
  • On short cruises, especially those near shore, passengers often wonder whether they can use their mobile networks like normal. Normally, the answer is no – connections are unstable and not reliable. Ship’s Wi-Fi is the best way to get a strong internet connection.

Coastal Cruising and Mobile Network Access

For short cruises, especially those near coastlines, passengers often wonder if they can use their mobile networks as usual. Generally, the answer is no – connections are spotty and not reliable. The ship’s Wi-Fi remains the best bet for a steadfast internet connection.

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Wi-Fi Calling and Further Considerations

Some service providers offer Wi-Fi calling options, which can be an option to stay in touch without roaming fees, but this feature can be explored in more depth later.


Even if you live in the ocean, you can still live without any unpleasant bill surprises. By understanding connectivity options, managing your roaming settings, and making the most of the ship’s Wi-Fi, you can stay in touch without breaking the bank. If you have any questions or suggestions, please share them in the comments.

Those preparing to embark on their next sea voyage should take note of these guidelines to ensure a pleasant and cost-efficient cruise experience.

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