About Blue Ocean Wireless

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About Blue Ocean Wireless

Blue Ocean Wireless is an Irish company focused on expanding mobile communication capability in the merchant maritime market. Blue Ocean Wireless provides, for the first time, mobile GSM connectivity for seafarers at sea, where no other network exists. This allows users to make and receive voice calls, send and receive SMS text messages and, in time, GPRS like services such as email and access to the internet.

Blue Ocean Wireless’ service is installed on hundreds of vessels and is widely used in the maritime market, enabling thousands of seafarers to use their existing mobile phones while at sea in exactly the same way that they would do in port or on land.

Container Monitoring

Blue Ocean Wireless will also make it possible for shippers, logistics companies, insurers and Government authorities, as well as suppliers and customers, to monitor individual shipping containers on board merchant vessels as they traverse the globe. Global logistics managers will be able to independently and reliably monitor, from their home base, the status of their shipment containers at all times.