Your First Cruise: Some Important Tips

Today I want to give you some special tips about planning your first cruise that will make your journey even better. Well, then, let’s begin.

From the key of the room to every information of the room tuck

  • When you check-in on the cruise, you get a room. This opens the door to your room, and it is also linked to your shipboard account. Whatever you have to buy, whether it is a drink or a souvenir, this card will charge the account using it. The only two times you’ll need cash is when you’re at the port outside the ship or if you want to gamble onboard.

How to Choose the Cabin?

  • If you are thinking of taking a balcony room or interior cabin, then do not stress. Balcony rooms are good but interior cabins also have their own advantages. If it’s your first time on a cruise, you probably won’t spend most of your time in the room, and even less time if you’re taking a short cruise.

Pay Attention to Boarding Time

  • Cruise lines assign boarding times so that everyone does not come to the port at once. This reduces long lines and wait time. But if you arrive before your boarding time, you may have to wait.

Birth Certificate and Photo ID Hassle

  • On multiple trips, if your cruise starts and ends at the same port, you can simply take a birth certificate and photo ID with you. Having a passport is very beneficial, especially in an emergency.

Caribbean Countries and Different Currencies

  • If you’re going to the Caribbean, don’t worry, you don’t have to change currencies at every port. Here everything depends on tourism and US dollars and credit cards are easily accepted.
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Carnival and Royal Caribbean’s Saving Tip

  • On these two large cruise lines, you can take limited non-alcoholic drinks. You can save a little money, as onboard soft drinks typically cost around $3.

Dining Room Menu Tricks

  • If you want, you can order multiple items from the dining room menu. This means that if you like two appetizers, order both without hesitation.

Carrying alcohol

Most cruise lines allow you to carry a little alcohol during embarkation, usually one or two bottles of wine or champagne. Be sure to take advantage of it.

Math is necessary for drink packages

  • Don’t be tempted by drink packages without doing math. If you drink 7-10 drinks a day, this deal can be good, but for most passengers, it is better to buy individual drinks.

Cruise Port Parking Tips

  • Official port parking lots don’t make anything convenient, but they are also a bit expensive. Finding nearby independent lots can help you find cheap parking with free shuttle service.

Rules of tipping on cruises

  • Cruise lines typically include gratuities in your fare or in your own account on a daily basis. You don’t need to tip in places other than specialty restaurants.

Mobile Phone Charges

  • To avoid cell phone charges, use airplane mode whenever you take a cruise leave.

The truth about cabins and privacy

  • Realize that privacy on a cabin’s balcony is limited. So be careful especially if you’re in a romantic mood on your balcony.

Elevators and Stairs Matter

  • If you’re just going up or down three decks, taking the stairs will save time.
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Automatic Tip Added at the Bar

  • Remember drinks at the bar include the tip automatically added, so avoid giving a double tip.

No charge on luggage

  • There is no charge for luggage on the cruise, but avoid carrying too much luggage.

Guest Services Visit Timing

  • On guest services, if you go normally before 8 am or after 11 pm, the line will be less.

Cruise Ship Elevator Etiquette

  • Elevators are orderly, so always wait and give space for others to get off first.

Safety First on the Pool Deck

  • Make sure you don’t slip on the cruise and wear well-tread sandals.

The Real Truth of Casino Games

  • Casino games on the ship have lower payouts than land-based casinos, so just go for fun, don’t expect profit.

Cool Temperature Onboard and on Deck

  • If the ship is sailing and the sun is down, it can get cold on the deck, so pack some warm clothes too.

Shorter Cruises = Energetic Crowd

  • If you want a relaxed and quiet trip, prefer cruises for 7 days or longer.

Shore Excursions

  • Yes, they are a bit expensive but splurging on an excursion gives a memorable experience, so definitely give it a try.

Internet and Communication Packages

  • Internet or other communication services can be expensive and slow, so check the offer beforehand to book.

Understand All Aboard Time Carefully

  • Whatever all aboard time is given at the port, it is mandatory to return before it.

Bring liquor from port

  • Bringing any alcohol from the port is forbidden on the ship. You won’t get it till the last night of the ship.
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