8 Essential Cruise Tips from an Ex-Crew Member

Cruise ships are an excellent source of fun and enjoyment. But sometimes we forget some smart tips in between all this which can make our experience even better. Pippa Madden, who is with Royal Caribbean and Celebrity Cruises for the rest of the year, shared some important tips.

1. Be Kind to the Crew

You should have a good relationship with your crew members as they work hard day and night to make your journey memorable. If you disagree with any policy, remember that the crew did not make that policy. If any problem arises, request to talk to the manager calmly without getting angry at him.

2. Tipping is Essential

Tipping on a cruise is not just a thank you for the service, it is also an important part of the crew’s income and moral boost. In North America, where Royal Caribbean primarily operates, tipping is expected.

3. Don’t Get Sunburned

Getting burnt by the sun can make any good vacation troublesome and even ruin it for pictures. Apply sunscreen regularly and repeat it several times a day.

4. Fill Out Post-Cruise Surveys

Immediately after the cruise you are asked to fill a survey. Your positive feedback can have a big impact on the crew’s career. You will find it easy to take a photo of your favorite crew member while filling the survey.

5. Practice Proper Guest Etiquette

Even though you are on holidays, it is important to maintain respect towards other guests and crew. Follow the dress code, smoke only in designated areas and do not keep clothes on furniture.

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6. Smart Timing for Guest Services

Avoid going to guest services on the first or last day of the cruise. If you contact him early in the morning or late at night it would be better.

7. Be Honest with Adventure Ocean Staff

Please tell the correct age of your children. Avoid any kind of trustlessness as the staff has all the data of your children.

8. Tip the Casino Dealer

If you enjoy casino, tipping the dealer is not only allowed but appreciated. This is a good gesture to increase the enjoyment of the game.

These were the 8 important things that an ex-crew member shared. By adopting these tips you can make your cruise ship adventure even smoother and memorable.

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